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Anger at Chinese Tourist Caught Half Naked on Camera in Bangkok

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Pic shows: Ayoung woman stripped off to wash herself in a bathroom.

Thailand says it is planning to produce a short two-minute animated video in Chinese to be shown to visitors about how to behave after anger when a young woman stripped off to wash herself in a bathroom.

The outrage in the country after the video snapped in the woman’s bathroom at Don Mueang international airport in Bangkok left many people outside of the country puzzled, given that Bangkok and Pattaya are regarded as among the top destinations for sex tourists.

But outside of red light areas society in Thailand takes a dim view of nudity, which is generally frowned upon in Thai culture.

Even going topless on beaches is considered rude and offensive, and going completely nude is not only offensive but illegal, according to Thai police.

So when an online user posted images which they said were taken in the toilets the airport showing a personally said was a Chinese woman stripping off to change and wash, it caused a surprising firestorm of criticism.

Officials at the Bangkok airport have confirmed that the incident took place at a sink in one of its toilet areas, but said there was little they could do to stop it happening again as it would be difficult for airport staff to oversee all passengers around the clock.

“In general, Chinese tourists in Thailand are well-behaved and have brought substantial revenue to the country. If we see something inappropriate, we’ll issue a warning or impose a penalty on a case-by-case basis,” the airport stated.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports responding to widespread public anger said however that it planned to produce a two-minute animated video explaining tourists how to behave when they visit Thailand, and warning them about stripping off.

The ministry said the video would be posted on different travel blogs and tourism websites, hoping it would end some of the Thai people’s animosity towards tourists from China.

The video should be released in the next two weeks.

Anek Srichiwachat, head of the Thai Travel Agents Association (TTAA), called on Thai Internet users not to share the photo any further.

“The Chinese government has made a campaign telling its citizens how to behave when travelling abroad. The campaign might reach only the big cities.

“As the host, we should just nicely warn them. We should not berate them by sharing the photo,” Mr Anek said.